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Winter Despair

The vibrant daffodils sprung out of the ground to say hello to the dreary brown landscape. Old man winter refused to give a happy greeting by sending a cold snowy message “Not So Fast My...


Painting a Picture can be Relaxing

Sorry no blog this week I spent the time painting a picture. The rest of this paragraph is just me rambling about trying watercolors for the first time. I like to paint pictures when...


Lazy Days of Summer

It is early July the sun is shining radiantly over the green open field.  The heat from the sun is hot on my face forcing beads of sweat to break out on my forehead....


The Marvels of the Ocean

It was early in the morning standing on a sandy beach looking over the bright blue ocean. The waves provided a repetitive roar as they crashed over the white sands. An ocean breeze provided...


The Wonders of Nature in Early June

It was early Friday morning in the month of June, summer was now in full swing temping our senses with the vigor to do more outside. Unfortunately it was Friday and I had to...