Lazy Days of Summer


It is early July the sun is shining radiantly over the green open field.  The heat from the sun is hot on my face forcing beads of sweat to break out on my forehead.  Looking out over the field several bees are busy pollinating the yellow wildflowers, and dragonflies are buzzing around in the open air.  The birds are loudly chirping as they playfully fly over the undeveloped field in a game of chase.  The lure of the outdoors in the summer can be invigorating and relaxing. It is often referred to as the “Lazy Days of Summer“, but what does it really mean.

For most of us the lazy days of summer brings fond memories of family vacations, and outdoor picnics. When I think of lazy days of summer; I think of being in a secluded place with no distraction from the busy world we live in. The word lazy in the saying may point to having nothing to do and nowhere to go. My version of this is spending time sitting on shaded porch drinking a cold drink. Or laying in a hammock, swinging in breeze, while taking in the moment and enjoying the day.

My fondest memories of lazy summer days was when I was in school, and had 3 months off in between each school year. 3 months seemed like the right amount time to make plenty of summer memories. Now that I been in the workforce for many years I now realize how precious that time was in my life. I may not experience that much time off from work again until I retire. Unless you’re a teacher most jobs don’t provide that long of a sabbatical from work. Many of us just stay busy over the summer leaving no time for being lazy over the summer months. So whatever season you’re experiencing in life take some time to enjoy the “Lazy Days of Summer” you deserve it.

May this find you well and happy, God Bless

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