The Marvels of the Ocean


It was early in the morning standing on a sandy beach looking over the bright blue ocean. The waves provided a repetitive roar as they crashed over the white sands. An ocean breeze provided a gentle cooling from the warm humid air. As I closed my eyes to reflect on the moment a peaceful feeling set me at ease. The sounds of the seagulls in the air provided a soothing silhouette for each crashing wave. God blessing are in front of us we just need to look and listen.  I am happy to share this moment in time, my wish is that everyone finds a special place to clear their mind.  There are many reason I like the ocean, let me share a few.

I like it when the ocean waves gently turn.
Watching and listening is peaceful,
while providing time to reflect on life.
The precious time to relax and learn.

I like it when the sun rises over the ocean early in the day.
The reflective colors dancing on the waters.
The wonders of nature provides happiness,
even when the skies turn gray.

I like it when the sound of the waves bids relaxation.
The repetitive roaring wave after wave.
God’s wonderful landscape is waiting for you,
so enjoy the marvels of the ocean sensations.

May this find you well and happy. God Bless

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