Can Dogs and Cats be Friends?


It was an early Saturday morning in June, I was planning to sleep in a little later, but Maddi the Border Collie had other ideas. She was up and standing eagerly at the side of my bed, It was only few minutes after 7:00 AM. She nudged my arm with her nose until I opened my eyes. I said; “Maddi, we are sleeping in today, go back to bed.” Hearing my voice her ears perked up, and her tail starts wagging faster. I reluctantly I slipped out of bed and got dressed.

I walked Maddi out to the living room where GabbI the cat greeted her by rubbing against Maddi’s head. I had to smile they always welcome each other every morning.  The dog smells the cat and the cat rubs against the dog. They seem like best friends, Can dogs and cats be friends? For many years I have always heard dogs and cats do not get along with each other. The reason why these two animals hate each other has been a subject of vigorous debates.

I continue to see stories where owners with dogs and cats prove that these two animals can live in harmony. When both animals are introduced to each other at a young age, they tend to create a bond with each other. Gabbi was a kitten when we introduced her to Maddi. I do believe and have seen where dogs and cats can form friendships. The bond is created through life experiences with each member. It is not an inborn hatred that determines how cats and dogs feel about each other. Gabi feels very comfortable hanging with Maddi. She posed for this holiday picture last December waving hello to everyone with her paw.

Some people are naturally dog people, or cat people, meaning that they naturally gravitate to one or the other. Dogs and cats have many advantages and disadvantages, but personally I think it’s unfair to compare cats and dogs. You’ll find people on both sides claiming one or the other is a better pet. As far as I am concerned; dogs bark and cats meow. Both species communicate with body language and, because they speak differently doesn’t mean they can’t get along. Cats are more independent than dogs, Dogs can be very loyal and their friendliness has earned them the title of “man’s best friend.” Yes they are different, but both can bring a lot of joy to your family. Cats and dogs living in the same household generally figure out a way to get along.

I was working in my home office on Friday, Maddi the Border Collie was hanging out relaxing in the recliner next to my desk. I was wondering what to blog about this week when Gabbi the cat joined her on the chair and posed for a picture. Yes there is still peace on earth between dogs and cats.

Have a great week!

May this find you well and happy, God Bless you

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