The Wonders of Nature in Early June


It was early Friday morning in the month of June, summer was now in full swing temping our senses with the vigor to do more outside. Unfortunately it was Friday and I had to work., The thought of the weekend was weighing heavily on my mind. As I was walking through the parking lot, at my work, the sun was shining bright and a warm breeze was hitting my face. I heard a strange but familiar sound, that made me stop walking, and take notice in the direction of the noise. The sound was a loud tapping on a nearby tree. “TAP! TAP! TAP!” with rapid strokes like Jack Hammer.  Yes! it was a Redheaded Woodpecker, such a stunning bird, was hard at work pecking on the tree. I knew at that moment I had to spend some time outdoors on Saturday, which was my next day off of work.

Saturday morning finally arrived and I was up early to beat the heat of the day.  The plan was to take Maddi the Border Collie on short 4 mile hike at a local nature preserve. I pulled out my small backpack that I use for one day hikes. It is the perfect size for carrying water for the dog and myself. It also allows me to fit in a few luxuries such as; a small folding chair, a Frisbee, and my Powershot Canon camera. Maddi saw me loading the backpack, and her tail started wagging with excitement like a hitchhiker waving his arms to flag down a ride. She knew this meant I was preparing to spend some time outside in the woods, and she didn’t want to be left out. Well there was no turning back now. The outdoor journey was on.

Once we arrived and started the hike Maddi could not wait to be untethered from her dog leash. She loves the freedom to run around and roam a little further than normal. I was not worried, she is very well behaved dog. When she starts to wander too far away, I just say, “Maddi stay with me” and she runs back by my side. She loves leading the way while hiking, I am too slow for her, and every time she wanders more than 20 feet ahead of me she stops and looks back to make sure I am still coming. If she could talk she would probably say, “Hurry up! Your falling behind” Half way down the Red Blaze trail we stopped for a water break. It was starting to get hot outside, which made the water more refreshing. As I was sitting relaxing my thoughts wander to how simple, and yet very fulfilling this plan turned out. The beauty of the colorful landscape, and fresh air was so peaceful. It reminded me of a Bible verse (Proverbs 16:9) “The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.”  I felt at peace with the wonders of God’s creation, and work was far from my mind. After a nice rest I started picking everything up to resume the hike I said; “Maddi are you ready to go girl?”  She looked at me and started heading back in the direction we just came from.  It was only 10:00 AM, but she was ready to go back home as it was getting too hot for her. It wasn’t long before we were back in the car with the Air conditioning on full speed.  Yes! Summer is here and this provided myself and man’s best friend (Maddi the Border Collie) the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature in early June.

May this find you well and happy, God Bless

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